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Economic personal statement example

For me the uniqueness of economics lies in its ability to combine both Arts and science discipline. This inbuilt indefinite nature of economics has inspired me to study this subject at a higher level.As I possess a strong mathematical background, which studying further math has given me, I believe am well equipped to face the challenges of studying economics at a degree level. I am aware that Economics is strongly related to math and for that reason; I have studied more rigorously topics that I will further develop at the university level, including calculus, vectors and statistics modules. Moreover, through reading economics books, I familiarized myself with the basic concepts of applied mathematics to economic data. I have taken part in several economic essay competitions organized by the college, winning some and drawing on others. I enjoyed the research process and became familiar with new theories and economic history. Similarly, economic club has deepened by fondness for the subject. I was the patron of the club. I managed to create a website for the club and a forum too, with the aim of providing study materials exemplary exam answers for students in my college. This helped me to develop my computer and presentation skills, which I view as essential for university learning. I am confident that an Economics degree from a well renowned college like this one will make me go places and be somebody in the society.

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